Gerry PriceGerry Price has a Master’s degree in Fine Art (sculpture) but is now more likely to be using her creativity to design gardens than carve stone. She believes that her background in sculpture informs the way she designs gardens and the way she uses plants.

“I like to plant in such a way that the plant can be seen in 3 dimensions, not crowded by other plants”

She also says that music plays a part in the way she designs, reminding her that the spaces between plants are as important as the plant itself, just as the rests in music inform the value of the notes. If there were no rests the music would become noise and without spaces the plants just become a tangle.

Gerry has lived on the Island for more than 10 years and runs The Coastal Gardener, a specialist nursery and garden design practice based at Fakenham Farm, Eddington Rd, St Helens. She has created gardens for many private clients as well as facilitating public projects at St Mary’s Hospital and for The Lost Duver project in Sandown.