Island Heroes Art Installations

As part of 2017’s IoW Day celebrations, some of the Island’s best loved artists are contributing to a fun project that everyone can enjoy. Download Hero Form


Spot the Heroes across the Island

Artists will be depicting famous Isle of Wighters – each in their own inimitable way – on lifesize cutout figures which will mysteriously pop up across the island in the run up to the main celebrations. Some of the figures will be immediately recognisable, some less so.

How many will you be able to spot and name…?

Watch this space for more info including the launch of our IW Day Island Heroes Facebook page or contact

hero 2 Isle of wight day

By Jeremy Gully

An award winning inventor, this hero lived and worked on the Island at White Cottage in East Cowes, though his legacy can be found in Ryde. You might spy him on your travels to or from the island...

Island hero 1 - Isle of Wight day

By Nick Martin

Keep your eyes up high if you're in the island's capital and you might catch a glimpse of this Italian revolutionary. He visited Tennyson at Farringford, where they recited poetry to one another. Queen Victoria was not so keen, and exclaimed 'Thank God - he's gone!' when he departed.

hero 4 Isle of wight day

By Steve Simmonds

A lifesaver that took strides across the Island before making his way through waves. He is now back home on dry land at the easternmost point on the Island.

hero 3 Isle of wight day

By Carly Groves

The greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music! Where better for him to be located than the original Isle of Wight Festival site?!


By Barry Ecuyer

Her career started at age 48. She was not camera shy and mixed with celebrities of the era. This hero is now now sited where most of her work was created.


By Nick Martin

A much loved academy award winning British film director, playwright and screenwriter.

He can be found in full view on the bridge near his old family business.

This Talented Mr Award Winner was Truly Madly Deeply loved on the Island.


By Anne Toms

An English musician who has been described as the first composer to take the gramophone seriously.

His famous and best know compositions are the Enigma Variations.

He is sited at one of the oldest hotels on the Island which is a refined, elegant historic jewel and has been a destination for the discerning traveller for more than 180 years.


By Sue Stitt

One of the most loved Victorian poets, described in the Queen's diary as "very peculiar looking, tall, dark, with a fine head, long black flowing hair & a beard, oddly dressed"

He is sited in the town in which he was given his prominent title, in a place where fine tunes can be heard.


By BB Bango

A well loved English Actor whose career spanned over 30 years, his first main role was in a long standing British Soap before turning play a leading role in a second world war sitcom. So he wasn't 'A Stupid Boy'!

He is pottering around Bembridge if you can find him!


By Kate Christie

A well-known English writer and social critic who was born just across the water. Many of his books continue to be adapted for on screen viewing.

He is sited in a village with the mermaids on the north east side of the Island.


By Tony Trowbridge

He is known as a "Renaissance Man" of 17th century for his work in the sciences, which covered astronomy, physics and biology.

He was born in Freshwater in 1635 and recognised for the observations he made while using a microscope.

He is sited at a former military fort which was built to guard the Solent.


By Caroline Underwood

He was a monarch of 3 kingdoms in 1625 whose conflicts with parliament led to civil war and his eventual execution in 1649.

He is sited at a quintessential romantic castle, which has been an Elizabethan artillery fortress, a king's prison and a royal summer residence.


By Jez Wilkinson

An Ethiopian Emperor who during his reign was perceived as a messianic figure by the Rastafari movement.

He is sited at an iconic building dating from 1936 which is now a combination of theatre and restaurant and home to a variety of entertainment.


By Tony Trowbridge

This Island Hero from the 1800's was known as a naturalist, geologist and biologist with contributions to science that were revolutionary.

He is sited at a waterfront location with panoramic sea views and just a stone’s throw from the sandy, Blue Flag 2012 and Quality Coast Award 2012 beach.


By Quay Arts children with Hannah George and Ian Whitmore

An English writer, mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon, and photographer in the 1800's

He came to the Island to collect bits for Alice.

He' s placed in a wonderful location by the river near literature and children's entertainment


By Lynn Young

A tragic death of a young boy on the Island who liked to sweep his way into dark and dirty corners.

He is sited in a converted 19th-Century brewery warehouse near the river


By Nick Martin

An Italian inventor and electrical engineer known for his pioneering work on long-distance radio transmission

His work on the Island led to radio and all telecommunications as we know it today.


By Joanna Kori

A Prussian-born philosopher, economist, political theorist and published several works including the bible of the working class!

He is sited in a Super spot with many visitors go to buy their daily .

Spot him on your travels, east of the river if you are taking a voyage to Southampton.


By Jeremy Gully

An english actor, who played in a well known science-fiction series in the 70's.

Some called him 'The Doctor' although he never practiced in medicine! He is sited at the helm in Bembridge.


By Karen Rivlin

An english romantic poet who became one of the best loved and often studied English poets.

He stayed on the Island in 1817 and died at the young age of 25.


By Sonia McMullen

An English singer, songwriter and actor whom during his lifetime, his record sales, estimated at 140 million albums worldwide.

A man who reached for the stars and always put himself under pressure.

Watch out for this hero on your travels west of the Island onward bound to Lymington


By Abi Wheeler

An English scientist, engineer and inventor and is best known for inventing the bouncing bomb!

Take a flight and find him at the closest Inn


By Tony Trowbridge

Our hero was two times British prime minister who won a nobel prize in literature and whose speeches and radio broadcasts helped inspire British resistance

Go and find him at the west of the river as you sail over to southampton.


By Jeremy Gully

A British flag officer in the Royal Navy who won many Victories over his opponents!

Keep an eye out for him at the bay on the beach


By Gerry Price, The Coastal Gardener

Born in St Helen's she was an English "adventuress" best known as a mistress of Louis Henry II.

Her husband was an ageing duke who rewrote his will in her favour and soon afterwards was found hanged in mysterious circumstances!.

She is sited where seeds are sown near the coast.


By Leigh Jackman

She was the daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn who came to the throne at the age of 18.

Her royal home on the Island is now a visitors haven with stunning views across the solent.


By Independent Arts

A Victorian scientist who pioneered the study of earthquakes. He caused quiet a stir on the Island when some locals mistook his instruments for ghostly activity.


By Kate Richardson

A leader of the Indian independence movement against British rule

He led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world He is sited in a Super spot with many visitors go to buy their daily

Artists taking part

Leigh Jackman

Leigh works mainly in acrylic and paints the emotional connection which she feels with her subjects.

kate christie
Kate Christie

I was born in Yorkshire but lived mostly in London and latterly on the Isle of Wight.  As a mature student I completed an Art Foundation Course at Putney School of Art and went on to do a degree in Fine Art at London Guildhall University, graduating in 2001.  

Personal blog / website
Barry Ecuyer

I have such pleasure in drawing painting and sculpting that it is a bonus when other folk enjoy the results.

Personal blog / website
Jez Wilkinson
Jez (Ras Bunny King ) Wilkinson

Rastafarian portrait Stencil, mixed Media, Artist.

bb bango
BB Bango.

An Isle of Wight Artist who paints in Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour onto canvas and terracotta. Simple but effective, his paintings, which are done in less than two hours

Jeremy Gully
Jeremy Gully

Born 1955 on the Isle of Wight. Kingston Poly BA Hons Fine Art Sculpture, 1974 to 1978. Southern Arts Council bursary.

Kate Richardson Isle of Wight day arts
Kate Richardson

A huge amount of inspiration comes from sailing with my husband and our two children on our classic yacht which takes us on adventures around the solent and beyond.

Personal blog / website
Anne Toms Isle of Wight day arts
Anne Toms

Born in Newbiggen-by-the-Sea, Northumberland in 1944, the daughter of a coastguard, I spent my childhood living on various Islands and cliff tops around the coast of Britain

Gerry Price Isle of Wight day arts
Gerry Price

Gerry Price has a Master’s degree in Fine Art (sculpture) but is now more likely to be using her creativity to design gardens than carve stone.

Personal blog / websiteFacebookTwitter
Karen Rivlin Isle of Wight day arts
Karen Rivlin

I have always been interested in the creative world and art fitting it in alongside my job and family life. Having retired from speech and language therapy I decided to take art more seriously

Abi Wheeler Isle of Wight day arts
Abi Wheeler

Abi Wheeler creates functional and fine art pieces that explore the forms and textures of man-made artefacts and the built environment.

Personal blog / websiteInstagram
Sue Stitt Isle of Wight day arts
Sue Stitt

The advances in the digital world have transformed the way I approach illustration and I've been impressed with the freedom it has given me.

Nick Martin Isle of Wight day arts
Nick Martin

Nick works mainly in oils on panel and has concentrated his work on portraiture, figurative drawing and painting.

Caroline Underwood isle of wight art
Caroline Underwood

Caroline Underwood is inspired by the meditative and restorative potential of time spent being

Personal blog / websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram
Sonia McMullen
Sonia McMullen

Sonia is an artist living and working on the sunny Isle of Wight. Largely self –taught, Sonia does however take time out from looking after her toddler with short courses at the Quay Arts Centre.

Joanna Kori

Joanna Kori creates installations that blend physical and digital experiences. Her suspensions and constructed forms are empathetic studies of contemporary working

Personal blog / website
Carly new
Carly Groves

I am a self-taught artist, painting for pleasure for over 20 years. I paint any subject that grabs my attention, mainly beachscapes and seascapes with particular focus to light on water

Lynn iowday
Lynn Young

I love this Island, I love the pace of life, the people, and the lifestyle it brings. But mostly I adore the scenery. A daily trip to one of our beaches is just the tonic I need.

Personal blog / website
Tony Trowbridge

One of the major attractions of the Isle of Wight is the link to the island’s paleontological history. As a qualified geologist with a passion for street art, Tony has combined these skills to create a Fossil

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