Tony-iowdayOne of the major attractions of the Isle of Wight is the link to the island’s paleontological history.  As a qualified geologist with a passion for street art, Tony has combined these skills to create a Fossil Art Trail depicting the life that used to live in the bay and whose fossils can now be found on the Island’s beaches.

The art project initially started as a regeneration of Sandown Bay, reusing public spaces by painting large murals of prehistoric life that once lived here and encouraging people who maybe wouldn’t normally visit a museum to go out in search of their own fossils along the island’s shoreline.  The Fossil Art Trail has been so successful that private businesses in other parts of the island have been eager to become part of the trail by having their shop shutters or walls painted with island fossils and other sea themed images.

It therefore seemed fitting that Tony should choose ?????????? for his local hero.

As an ex soldier, Tony has found art, and in particular street art, to be a therapeutic way of exploring his feelings and reconciling emotional conflicts by reducing anxiety and allowing for individual expression.  He draws and paints every day, frequently using recycled materials and has worked with community organisations to promote the benefits of art to those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

His unique style has evolved over the last 30 years and his work has been exhibited all over the world from Barcelona to Sao Paolo.  Tony has a studio at 24 St Johns Road in Sandown although his type of artwork necessitates painting in ‘plein air’ most of the time, with which Tony is very comfortable and regularly does live performance work in Bristol.