Sue StittThe advances in the digital world have transformed the way I approach illustration and I’ve been impressed with the freedom it has given me.

I started as a freelance illustrator after studying at Southampton College of Art for four years. I was fortunate to work in the colourful children’s book world mainly for Usborne Publishing. My medium then, was LUMA concentrated watercolours which faded badly in the light but were ideal for publishing.

My recent work was initially inspired by David Hockney and his work on his iPad. I then repeatedly ‘googled’ how to use it and so my current pictures are a gradual learning curve into creating digital images. I have used the iPad to rather painstakingly produce my current pictures. Whether it is any easier than watercolour and the more tradition techniques I’m not sure but the touch screen is certainly for me more fun to use.

The giclée printing on Archival Matt paper that I now use, manages to retain the clarity and brightness I strive for and should be far more reliable in retaining its characteristics over many more years. The addition of the iPad Pro has meant that I can create larger pictures more fluidly and it is a joy to use.