Karen Rivlin Isle of Wight day artI have always been interested in the creative world and art fitting it in alongside my job and family life. Having retired from speech and language therapy I decided to take art more seriously and completed an art and design diploma two years ago. Since then I have experimented with life painting and drawing, etching and lino printing, collage, book art and abstract painting. I am still finding my own particular style which I would best describe as abstract interpretation of the landscape and our relationship with it.  But the roots of striving to be able to accurately paint and draw what is in front remain firm.

I’ve been a frequent visitor to the Isle of Wight since I was born with strong family ties and am now excited to be living here full time. I’m inspired by walking in this beautiful countryside and coastline taking inspiration for abstract and figurative work mainly in oils and a variety of formats- books, maps, canvas, sound pieces.